austin shows!

hey, i'm new!

will any of you fine folks be attending:

-rjd2 (free concert) @ waterlook park 7pm TONIGHT!!!!


-the free gnarls barkley concert

??? because i'll be at the first two and i'm *working* on the third. you have to jump through hoops to get those tickets apparently. haha.

i'm not really into making friends via internet (hence my only having like 2 friends on this thing). however talking to you guys about local goings-ons would be cool; i'm new to the area. also, i'm in high school, but i like to think i'm not fully retarded. :p

okay, thanks! have a nice labor day weekend, for those of you that have tomorrow off. /angst
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new ;/

Well I'm originally from south texas but I moved to Tyler recently. Actually I was wondering if anyone knew of any tattoo artists nearby that aren't idiots?

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so I'm going to be in san antonio for the weekend with my friend and boyfriend. I've been lots of times, but still haven't really found anything worth sharing besides the obvious places. texasfucks from SA help a girl out!
me in crow form

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ADAM BRITT aka beans45601 is going to be in Austin! I am going to see him and you should, too!

501-912-3780 is his number
so we should maybe have a fuckup? anyone? because i am pretty sure that we are going to see Sean P play on Saturday too. so yeah comment in this thread if you are interested thanks
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Markos says:
But if you get into UT, I have someone to visit.

Omar says:
If I get accepted. If i dont, ill be going to college in houston

Markos says:
U of Houston?

Markos says:
Hell why not become an Aggie?

Omar says:
Because I own a ranch, so there's no need for me to pretend to be a cowboy

Markos says:
Holy fuck ZING

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i forgot im a mod for this community. oops.
i just wanted to say, i love you, but i dont like this state sometimes.
at least im getting good weather today. who's getting good weather?
this summer i want to experience your weather first hand :crossing my fingers and toe:
give me options for shows and such, I would like to exchange show information here,
if at least that. thursday is coming to my town. ask if interested and i’ll find out more.
(valley area/padre island/ mexican border, thats were i'm at)
you swim like lions through the crest

ATTN: Austinfucks.

Three friends &I are moving to Austin in a month or so. Hopefully less. Maybe a bit more.
I keep hitting up craigslist for sweet two bedroom shit, but uh, it's mostly all these lame condo things. :/
So, ITT, please please please suggest sweet places to look into. We'll even settle for two different one bedroom apartments in the same complex or near each other. Just anything that is (a) cheap (b) moderately cheap but has internet/utilities included/other sweet deal &/or (c) a nice place to live. FYI, it is three boys (22, 21, 20 years old) &myself (18), if that like, matters or whatever. I'd prefer to live near old people rather than pay out the ass for a place near college kids.
Also, sweet places to work at/perhaps apply online/call for job stuff. They all have retail experience, I've got catering experience. So far all I have is some online ad for Manny Hattan's (wtf is this? Worth looking into? The name is too gay to be true, right?).
Thanks. ^_________^
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