noli-me-tangere (starmeat) wrote in texasfucks,

Goodbye Texas. :/

I am leaving you. ;____;
I have furniture to sell, if you or anyone you know is interested.
I had a full sized comfy bed &bedframe, a bookshelf (that square one from IKEA) that I use as a place to put my clothes, &a really awesome yellow metal two-drawer filing cabinet (that I really want to take home with me ;_______;).
I'll sell this really cheap to fellow IFs or friends of IFs.
The mattress was $159, the slats were $30, the frame was $129. You can have it all (plus instructions) for $200 or whatever you want to offer me as long as you get this stuff out of here on or before October 8th.
The bookshelf thing is heavy as fuck, I'll totally sell it for $75 (it was $129).
Or, you know, make me an offer, I'll gladly take books as payment. Or if you can't afford it, you can pay me later.

Also, I have lots of free stuff, like food &pots &pans &plates &silverware.

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